About Us

Sha'ar Ha'amakim Seeds Ltd specializes in breeding, production and marketing of confectionary sunflower seeds. The Company has unique and advanced breeding experience and possesses a genetic collection of confectionary sunflower. We have a history of more than 50 years and our reputation is based on quality products.

The Company focuses on constantly improving our varieties DY 3 and SHEMESH. The genetic material of these varieties exhibits a global uniqueness of seed length and width (and thus seed weight).

Shaar Haamakim Seeds

Since 2010, most of our Company R&D resources have been directed at developing hybrid varieties of confectionary sunflower.

Our breeding goal is to create large-size kernels, uniform in both size and color, with improved yields of high quality seeds focusing on the development of resistance to Orobanche spp. and on resistance to herbicides from the Imidiazolinon family (IMI).

The Company produces its seeds in the Kibbutz fields and with other growers in Israel. The seeds are processed at the plant in the Kibbutz. The Company cooperates extensively with the growers and with the Extension Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture in Israel and the final product is marketed both in Israel and abroad.

Sha'ar Ha'amakim Seeds is Israel's leading Seed Company in development, production and marketing of confectionary sunflower seeds. Based on its good name and reputation, Sha'ar Ha'amakim Seeds will continue efforts to enter global markets as a significant player with emphasis on uniqueness and seed quality.

Shaar Haamakim Seeds